WED Cadre

WEDGE-SA and Advocacy Training

Who should attend?

As a training of trainers we are looking for people who have existing qualifications as trainers.

In particular:

  • If you are actively involved in training or supporting small business associations and women entrepreneur associations.
  • If you are an ordinary member or a committee member of a small business association.
  • You have some experience in advocacy campaigns
  • You have a good level of understanding of English (The language of this particular course).
  • As part of your certification you are able to commit to rolling out the 1 day training for associations within 2 months of the training of trainers.

Course Details:

The Basics:

  • The course is a training of trainers course.
  • Participants will be expected to roll out a one day advocacy training for the relevant target group to be accredited as a trainer.
  • It will use practical and participatory methods of training to equip you with the basic training skills in order that they can use the guide to train others.
  • It will familiarise you with the materials and methodologies for training others.
  • It will test your capacity to deliver the training by practice.
  • It will ensure you have a plan for rolling out the training.

  You will learn about delivering a one day training for small business associations (SBAs) and women entrepreneur associations (WEAs) in:

  • Advocacy as a concept
  • The advocacy process
  • Practical implementation of advocacy campaigns

Although the course is suitable for trainers of both SBAs and WEAs it is focused on advocacy campaigns for women entrepreneurship development.

Please note. To become certified by the ILO you will be required to hold a one day training and provide the respective reports and information from the training.