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Improve Your Exhibiting Skills - IYES

What Is IYES?

The IYES guide is for facilitators to use in trade fair training workshops for women entrepreneurs. It serves as a hands-on tool in organizing, facilitating and evaluating exhibitions

and trade fair activities for women-operated micro-enterprises.


The objective of IYES is to assist women entrepreneurs to make the best use of trade fairs to improve their market access, business growth and self-empowerment. By providing practical guidance on marketing, communications and promotional activities, the IYES guide aims to enhance women's access to better quality market opportunities. It does so by:

  • Improving the effectiveness of trade fairs in promoting women entrepreneurs' businesses.
  • Helping women entrepreneurs to effectively use trade fair participation.
  • Improving the capacity of BDS providers to facilitate women entrepreneurs' successful involvement in trade fairs and exhibitions.

Target Group

The IYES guide is designed to encourage and support women micro-entrepreneurs' participation in trade fairs and exhibitions. It was developed for organizations that work to improve market access for women in micro and small enterprises, including:

  • Enterprise development institutions.
  • Government support and export promotion agencies.
  • Employers' and workers' organizations.
  • Private sector consultants.
  • Donor support agencies, programmes and projects.
  • Women entrepreneur associations and networks.
  • Trade and industry associations, chambers of commerce.
  • Organisations for people with disabilities.

The guide has been used successfully in Ethiopia, Tanzania and Zambia, where women entrepreneurs, including entrepreneurs with disabilities have benefited from IYES training and support for trade fair organization and participation.

Course Components

This IYES guide has five interlinked trade fair components covering promotion, preparation, participation, evaluation and follow-up. Monitoring and follow-up activities are essential elements in the IYES approach. This guide takes a systematic approach to trade fairs by including activities before, during and after the trade fair. Its effectiveness is dependent on ensuring that women entrepreneurs actually participate in trade fairs or exhibitions in which they can directly apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills.


The guide outlines a three day workshop. This should take place 4-6 weeks prior to a trade fair to allow time to implement recommendations and improvements. In addition, one day should be designated for stand preparation, ideally 2-3 days before the start of a trade fair, and another half-day allocated for a post-trade fair debriefing session immediately after the event. Based on demand for the IYES approach to be replicated, IYES training of trainers have been developed for Tanzania and Zambia. Experienced small business trainers (from programmes such as SIYB) and WED and BDS facilitators, are ideal participants for a five-day IYES training of trainers Workshop.


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