WED Cadre

Expand Your Business

Who should attend:

Entrepreneurs or Small Business Owners that have been in business for at least 3 years, and would like some assistance in re-aligning their business and to prepare for growth in their business, either from a product/service offering perspective, geographically, economically, financially or in any way that would lead to business expansion.


Course Objectives

The main goal of the Expand Your Business programme is to support entrepreneurs:

  • To grow their businesses with a well thought through and formulated approach to market
  • By assisting them to re-align their present business plan, and to expand this business plan through the development of an expansion or growth strategy 
  • And providing them a practical opportunity to formulate their selling proposition for different audiences e.g. financiers, the public, their respective target markets

Duration of the Programme: 5 contact days 

Course Outcome:

  • A Growth Strategy for the business
  • A link to the Business Engage Network, including other members, corporates, financiers, other supportive service providers that could assist individual needs of the respective business owners
  • The Expand Your Business Programme (EYB) – an International Labour Organisation
  • Programme ‐ is an integrated business training and support package for growth oriented
  • Small to medium sized enterprises.
  • The EYB programme assists entrepreneurs to expand their businesses by enabling them to create, select and implement the right business growth strategy, and to align and strengthen their business functions to achieve their strategy.


DAY 1: Why Am I In Business?

Focus on business vision, objectives and performance measures.

DAY 2: What Is The Growth Potential Of My Business?

Assess key success factors, analyse core competencies and identify the competitive advantage

of  your business.

DAY 3 & 4: How Can I Grow My Business?

Analyse growth strategies and how key operational functions need to support the strategy.

Appraise and select the most suitable growth strategy.

DAY 5: How Can I Make My Growth Strategy Actionable?

Develop a strategy map and set up a strategy control system to measure your success.



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