WED Cadre

Action My Business Growth Workshop

What is the AMG tool? 

The AMG tool accredited by International Labour Organisation and is a short and sharp introduction to growth for growth oriented women entrepreneurs (GOWE's). This ONE day training course is designed to assist GOWE's to review their current growth strategies and identify future opportunities. 

Objectives of the AMG training 

The purpose of the AMG training is to assist Growth Orientated Women Entrepreneurs (GOWE) to grow their businesses from small-to-medium scale. This is done through the use of participative training techniques to assist the GOWEs to: 

  • Understand the challenges and opportunities of having growth as an objective; 
  • Identify barriers to growth and strategies to overcome these barriers; 
  • Understand how to plan for and to manage growth; 
  • Explore their business' growth potential; 
  • Develop realistic action plans for growth; 
  • Identify new opportunities for sustainable growth; 
  • Explore entrepreneurs tools for developing action plans to expand their businesses and; 
  • Go for growth! 

Who Should Attend the Training? 

The AMG guide has been developed for women entrepreneurs who have established business and intend to take the next growth step.